From breaking up to letting go


For anyone who has ever been in a long term relationship, breaking up can be pretty difficult but letting go can be twice as hard. Sometimes you have no control over the break up, but the letting go part is completely in your hands. We become afraid of the break up because we understand that the letting go is the part that we struggle with. It’s the part that makes us sad and depressed. It’s the part that makes us not eat and it’s the part that lies to us and tells us we can never be happy again. I can sympathize with anyone who have been in a serious relationship. You invest all you have only to realize now that what you’ve spent in time and effort couldn’t save your relationship. If you’re on a break or trying to figure things out then this is not the topic for you. This post is for those who know for sure that what you had with your former mate can never be restored. Bridges have not been burnt, they’ve been blown up. You’ve said something’s you can’t take back, things she will never forgive you for. The bad thing about it is that you say these things to hurt her, you want her to feel what you feel. Doing this does not help, it only makes you feel, worse.
I get it. You’ve done so much with your mate that now that they’re gone, you can’t imagine your life without them. You can continue feeling this way or you can take the next few steps of getting on with your life without them. Forget the memories, don’t think about them. Detach yourself completely from your ex. Spend time with your family and friends, take this time between the breakup and letting go to evaluate yourself. Find out where you went wrong and make an effort to change. I can remember three relationships in my life where after they ended I felt completely lost. I invested so much into these relationships that after they ended I realize I didn’t take time to invest in me. There was nothing I did without them, so when the relationships ended, everything I did reminded me of them. You now have a perfect opportunity to learn new things, to learn more things about yourself. Your ex is your ex, take baby steps moving on, give yourself a chance to be happy. You’ll find yourself needing her less and less. Stay away from her Facebook page, twitter or Instagram. By doing this, you will learn to detach yourself. I want to leave you with an interesting fact; of all the people who believe they could not go on without their exes, after letting go 78% said they are extremely more happy now than the have ever been. Life is full of joys and disappointments, accept it all and allow God to form you into the person He wants you to be. If your relationship has ended, it’s ok to be sad..but don’t let it stop you from becoming happy again. Move on!

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